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UGRAM : The Telugu Action Thriller OTT Release Date Out!

Unleashing the Action: Ugram, Allari Naresh's Thrilling Telugu Film, Sets OTT Release Date

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An Action-Packed Collaboration UGRAM: Allari Naresh and Vijay Kanakamedala Return in Ugram:

Ugraam Movie

Ugram brings together the talented duo of Allari Naresh and director Vijay Kanakamedala once again, following their successful collaboration in the 2021 hit film Naandhi. Directed by Vijay Kanakamedala and produced by Sahu Garapati and Harish Peddi, the film features an ensemble cast including Allari Naresh, Mirnaa Menon, Indraja, and Sharath Lohitashwa in prominent roles.

Theatrical Release and Naresh’s Performance:

Ugram initially hit the theaters on May 5, offering audiences an enthralling action-drama experience. Although the film did not perform well at the box office, Allari Naresh’s performance received critical acclaim and appreciation from viewers.

A Riveting Plot: Unraveling Mysteries and Personal Turmoil

Ugram revolves around the character of CI Shiva Kumar, portrayed by Allari Naresh, who is a determined police officer. The story takes place in Warangal and follows Shiva’s relentless investigation into a series of missing persons cases. However, his personal life takes a grim turn when his wife Aparna, played by Mirnaa Menon, decides to leave him due to his aggressive nature. Tragedy strikes when Shiva, Aparna, and their daughter, Lucky, meet with an accident. While Shiva survives with injuries, both Aparna and Lucky suddenly go missing. Fueled by love and desperation, Shiva embarks on a relentless mission to locate his family, uncovering shocking secrets along the way.

Allari Naresh’s Departure from Comedy:

Allari Naresh, known for his comic roles, takes a departure from his usual style in Ugram. In the film, he portrays an honest and powerful cop, showcasing his versatility as an actor. Naresh expresses his confidence that this action-packed thriller will captivate audiences worldwide, keeping them on the edge of their seats.

Director Vijay Kanakamedala’s Vision:

Director Vijay Kanakamedala emphasizes his belief in crafting stories that address serious issues and weaving them into meaningful narratives. He acknowledges Allari Naresh’s exceptional versatility as an actor and praises his fierce and intense performance in Ugram. The director highlights the meticulous planning that went into every aspect of the film, including production design and shot division, ensuring a powerful storytelling experience for the audience. Vijay expresses his eagerness for global audiences to witness the film and appreciates the love and support received from fans during its theatrical run.

OTT Release Date :

On June 2 only on AmazonPrime.

As fans anticipate the OTT release of Ugram, they can look forward to an action-packed thriller led by Allari Naresh’s powerful performance and Vijay Kanakamedala’s thoughtful direction. The film promises to captivate audiences with its intense storyline, impactful performances, and carefully crafted production elements.


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