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Saas Bahu Aur Flamingo : A Fresh Take on Family Dynamics Web Series

A Powerful Series : Must Watch Web series with Outstanding Performances

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Saas Bahu Aur Flamingo is not just a series about a drug empire and its players, it also delves into the complex relationships between family members. The series portrays the dynamics between a mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law in a unique light. Unlike the usual portrayal of a scheming mother-in-law, Savitri is a strong and supportive figure who stands by her daughter-in-law in her time of need. It is refreshing to see such a portrayal of a mother-in-law in the Indian entertainment industry, which is known for its stereotypical portrayal of family relationships.

Saas Bahu Aur Flamingo Webseries

Saas, Bahu Aur Flamingo Review:

Saas, Bahu Aur Flamingo has finally released on Disney Plus Hotstar. Ever since the release of the explosive trailer, there was a craze among the fans about this series. Now finally the series has been released. The series boasts of a strong story, excellent performances from the cast, and outstanding direction by Homi Adajania. With its unique portrayal of daughters-in-law and the world of drugs and handicrafts, Saas, Bahu Aur Flamingo is definitely a must-watch webseries.

The Flamingo Angle:

The series is titled Saas, Bahu Aur Flamingo, and while the saas-bahu angle is evident, the flamingo angle may seem a bit obscure. However, the flamingo angle is a metaphor for the characters in the series. Just like flamingos, the characters in the series are beautiful, colorful, and stand out in a crowd. They are unique and have their own identity. The flamingo angle adds a touch of quirkiness to the series, making it stand out from other crime dramas.

Impactful Dialogues:

One of the key elements that make Saas, Bahu Aur Flamingo stand out is its impactful dialogues. The scriptwriters have done an excellent job in writing powerful lines that keep the viewers engaged and entertained. The dialogues are witty, sarcastic, and at times, emotionally charged, making the characters come to life. The dialogues add depth to the characters and make the audience empathize with them. The actors have delivered their lines with conviction and have brought the characters to life.

Dimple Kapadia Shines in this powerful series:

Her portrayal of Savitri is commendable and showcases her versatility as an actress. Radhika Madan as her daughter and Isha Talwar and Angira Dhar as daughters-in-law also deliver strong performances. The villain of the series, Deepak Dobriyal, does justice to his character with his impactful acting. Overall, the acting of the star cast is top-notch and adds to the success of the series.

Radhika Madan’s breakthrough performance:

Radhika Madan’s performance as Savitri’s daughter is another highlight of the series. The actress has come a long way since her debut in the television series, Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi. She brings a certain charm and innocence to the character, which makes her the perfect foil to her mother’s ruthless persona. Her character’s journey from a simple girl to a strong and independent woman is inspiring and heart-warming.

The Soundtrack and Visuals:

The series’ soundtrack and visuals are top-notch. The background score elevates the tension in the scenes, making them all the more impactful. The visuals are stunning, and the series is a visual treat. The cinematography is slick, and the use of colors is impressive. The series uses flamingos as a recurring motif, which adds a touch of whimsy to the otherwise serious tone of the series.


Overall, Saas Bahu Aur Flamingo is a must-watch for those who enjoy crime dramas and family sagas. The series subverts the traditional portrayal of family relationships and presents a fresh take on the same. The performances by the cast are outstanding, with Dimple Kapadia and Radhika Madan stealing the show. The series is well-directed and well-written, making it an engaging watch. It is a perfect example of how the Indian entertainment industry is evolving and bringing new stories to the audience.


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